Teachers Inspire Ireland 2019

What is this?

Teachers Inspire is an Ireland-wide initiative that seeks to celebrate teachers and to recognise the transformative role they play in our lives and in our communities.

How does it work?

We are inviting you to make a submission using our online form. You can write it or upload a video. We’ll compile a selection of the most inspiring stories and share them on the site. This long list will be reviewed by a distinguished panel from across Irish life whose members will be tasked with choosing one teacher from each province who epitomises the inspirational role of teaching. We will recognise these teachers at the Teachers Inspire gala event in the Helix in October.

What are we looking for?

We want stories that really bring to life the positive, powerful, inspiring and human role that teachers play. We are seeking submissions from across the Republic of Ireland about inspiring teachers who are active now, or were in the past, in any of the following levels of education: Primary, Post-Primary, or Further Education and Training.

And we’re looking for all types of inspiring stories:

  • a teacher who believed in you and your abilities
  • a teacher who persisted and would not give up on you
  • a teacher who inspired you to take on new challenges
  • a teacher who opened your eyes to a new field/new perspectives
  • a teacher who supported you when things were tough for you or your family
  • a teacher who gave their time and skills to help you
  • a teacher who is/was at the heart of your community
  • a teacher who made you think and ask questions
  • a teacher who made you want to be a teacher

Who’s on the panel?

We will announce the 2019 Teachers Inspire panel in late May.

Who is behind this initiative?

The Teachers Inspire initiative evolved from a discussion between Dermot Desmond, benefactor of The Desmond Chair in Early Childhood Education at DCU, and Prof. Brian MacCraith, President of DCU. Mr. Desmond believed that the value of our extraordinary teachers was not fully recognised and agreed that he would sponsor a nationwide campaign to pay tribute to teachers who have made a positive impact on the lives of their students.